Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

12/04/2019 Off By Solène & Elisabeth

Day 307 – Campbell River, Canada

We were so comfy in this cabin that we allowed ourselves to sleep in (until 9!) and even a late start. Elisabeth had some memory of a place called Rebecca Spit, and that is where we headed to.

Luckily, it was a sunny day, and the scenery was literally breathtaking!

Rebecca Spit - 03

First views of Rebecca Spit

The Spit is named this way because it is a strip of land jutting out in the sea, with the Rocky Mountains as a background. The beach is made of pebbles of all sizes, and is lined with tons of driftwood.

We slowly made our way around the Spit, stopping for multiple pictures and having fun walking on the trunks. We made a new friend in the form of an otter, which we met repeatedly, scratching her back with evident delight on the pebbles, or snacking on fresh fish. Several eagles also made an appearance.

Rebecca Spit - 13

Rebecca Spit – Driftwood and Rocky Mountains

We had lunch on a welcoming log in the sun, and left regretfully this little patch of paradise. We had hoped to visit the Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre in the afternoon, but we found the place closed. Nevertheless, we had a look at the totems outside.

Quadra Island - 06

Quadra Island – Housepoles

We decided to take the ferry earlier than planned, and went to Elisabeth’s friends. It was a joyful reunion!